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Steps to become an Ordained Minister:

1. Every candidate for ORDAINED MINISTER must complete the MIP prior to sitting for the ORDAINED MINISTER test. The MIP begins in the fall of each year and consists of:

  1. a. 4 CIMS courses (on-line or DVD venues)
  2. b. 9 Saturday Seminars
  3. c. Theology of Ministry paper, etc.

If a candidate has a degree from Lee University (in which the candidate has taken PASM 365 & 465 or PASM 390,) or has a degree from an accredited University with a ministry emphasis, he may be exempted from the CAMS program. The candidate will have to submit his/her transcripts to the State Office and after review, the State Office will then request an exemption at the Administrative Bishop’s approval.

2. After the candidates have completed MIP and have received their certificates at Camp Meeting, they may request an ORDAINED MINISTER Application and Local Church Endorsement form to be completed and returned to the State Office.

3. If the candidate has not already had a Background Check completed by the State Office, he must submit $20.00 to have one completed.

4. A candidate must have six months of on time reporting (on or prior to the 5th) to be eligible to test.

5. After all the information is received in the State Office and if the candidate is deemed eligible, the candidate will be contacted prior to the next testing date.






Registration Deadline




MIP Orientation




Seminar Dates

October 6, 2012                                                     February 2, 2013

November 3, 2012                                                 March 2, 2013

December 1, 2012                                                  April 6, 2013

January 5, 2013                                                      May 4, 2013


Estimated Cost:

            Venue                                               Married                    Single           

            Books & Fees alone                      $625.00                     $465.00        

            +Internet                                         $675.00                     $515.00

            +VHS                                                  $1,025.00                 $865.00

            +DVD                                                 $1,175.00                 $1,015.00    


                        Down Payment:  Due at Orientation (No exceptions)

                        Married:       $400.00         Single:           $250.00

                        Balance:       1/2  Balance Due   12-1-2012

                                              Final Payment Due   3/2/2013



Robert Barnes, Coordinator                Rick Bradley                             R.O. Eubanks                                     

Mark Leonhardt                                     Kevin McGlamery                   Steve Smith


For additional information call:         Robert Barnes (205) 942-2090, Ext. 109

                                                                                           Cell (205) 542-1478

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